Wellmark Uninary Supplement 100 G
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Wellmark Uninary Supplement 100 G

Product Code: 150-02906

UPC: 623504029065

Product Information:

Wellmark Urinary Supplement is a nutritional supplement to support urinary tract health in cats and dogs.
Each gram contains:
200 mg of cranberry extract
200mg of Mannose
100mg Echinacea

Used daily for dogs and cats who may benefit from a nutritional supplement that supports urinary tract health. For example, pets prone to urinary tract infections or those with urinary tract disorders.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are relatively common in dogs, particularly older female dogs, or dogs with diabetes mellitus, or dogs with bladder stones. In cats, UTIs are fairly uncommon. In both cats and dogs with UTIs, they may try to urinate frequently and may experience pain with urination. There may also be blood in the urine. Generally, a UTI occurs because bacteria has travelled up the urethra to the bladder. UTIs are typically treated with an antibiotic, pain relief and diet change.
Feline lower urinary tract disease, is a term used to describe diseases of the lower urinary tract (urethra and bladder) in cats. Signs of FLUTD include increased urination, difficulty urinating, blood and/or foul smell in urine. Treatment varies depending on the underlying cause.

Active Ingredients:
Cranberry extract: The current hypothesis is that cranberries work principally by preventing the adhesion of type 1 and p-fimbriae strains (particularly from E. coli) to the urothelium. Without adhesion, the bacteria cannot infect the mucosal surface. Proanthocyanidins (PACs), are powerful antioxidants that may slow the growth of bad bacteria, such as E. coli, in the bladder.
Mannose: d-mannose is a monosaccharide that can inhibit bacterial adhesion to the urothelium after oral intake.
Echinacea: Echinacea is often used for treatment and prevention of urinary tract infection (UTI), based on an assumption of its immuno-stimulating properties

Administer with food according to the following daily dosages.
One level scoop supplied within provides 500 mg.
Weight > Up to 33 lbs. (15Kg): 1 scoop
Weight > 33-110 lbs. (15-50kg): 2 scoops
Weight > 110 lbs. (> 50 kg): 3 scoops



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