PK Natural Everlasting Dog Treat with Himalayan Yak Cheese Large
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PK Natural Everlasting Dog Treat with Himalayan Yak Cheese Large

Product Code: 611-34651

UPC: 627843346517

Product Information:

Founded in 2012, PK Natural Pet Foods and the Everlasting Dog Treat began in Surrey, British Columbia and is now available across North America. High quality and low pricing are maintained by focusing on a specific, tailored product line.

Churpi - Himalayan Super Food

Churpi is a traditional cheese and staple dietary food found in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. It is traditionally made from pressed organic Yak milk and is dried in wooden molds for up to 15 days. The resulting hard cheese can be softened by chewing, making it a long-lasting and healthy snack.

Features & Benefits:

• Food Allergies
Most allergies are due to grains or meat proteins. These treats are made from only milk and lime juice.
• Obesity
These products are a low-fat, low-calorie treat with high protein content.
• Dental Disease
Hard & long-lasting, the texture helps remove plaque and tartar buildup on your pets’ teeth
• Only 3 Ingredients:
Yak milk, cow milk, lime juice.

  • Unit Height : 5.50''
  • Unit Length : 11.00''
  • Unit Width : 0.50''
  • Unit Weight : 0.22 LBS
  • Case Quantity : 75
  • Case Weight : 20.00 LBS
  • Bilingual : Yes
  • Availability: In Stock