Petmate Jackson Galaxy Marinier des Jouets
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Petmate Jackson Galaxy Marinier des Jouets

Code de produit : 062-31379

UPC : 029695313790

Product Information:

All new way to create your own catnip infused toys!
Add Jackson Galaxy Organic Catnip to the silicone base, insert the mesh bag with your favorite cat toys, replace the cap and SQUEEZE!
Works on all toy materials: plush, canvas, rubber, plastic, polyester and more
Use for a quick burst of catnip scent or store toys in the Marinater to intensify the fun!
Easy to clean –hand wash silicone base and mesh bag is machine washable
Comes in assorted colors

  • Hauteur : 4.13 "
  • Longueur : 10 "
  • Largeur : 4.13 "
  • Poids : 0.81 LBS
  • Quantité par Caisse : 2
  • Bilingual : Oui
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