KONG « Softies » Balle de Sport Moyenne Assortie VRAC
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KONG « Softies » Balle de Sport Moyenne Assortie VRAC

Code de produit : 080-ABSS2B

UPC : 035585529073

Product Information:

KONG Sport Softies Balls combine the comfort of a plush toy with the action of a tennis ball for dogs who love to fetch, carry, chase, and snuggle their toys. Your dog will enjoy the same dynamic bounce found in our Signature Sport ball, with the softness of fuzzy sherpa fleece, giving it versatile for fetching fun. This squeak-free ball will put your dog’s playtime into stealth mode.

KONG Sport Softies Balls will bring a sense of quiet to your typical fetch session. Combine their dynamic rebound, super-soft fleece, and squeak-less bounce for stealthy playtime.

Super-soft outer sherpa fleece
Dynamic bounce for action-packed rebounds
No squeaker for quieter playtime
Gentle on dogs teeth & gums
For versatile fetching fun

By providing your dog with a toy that is both playful and comforting, you are meeting a variety of needs from physical health to mental enrichment, which is important for the well-being and longevity of your pet.

  • Hauteur : 5.00''
  • Longueur : 2.50''
  • Largeur : 2.50''
  • Poids : 0.21 LBS
  • Quantité par Caisse : 24
  • Poids du Caisse : 5.06 LBS
  • Bilingual : Oui
  • Disponibilité : En rupture d'inventaire